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2022 Year-end Summary


Happy New Year! Goodbye 2022, welcome 2023. This year has brought me many surprises on the ordinary track. Let's take a look back at the things worth recording in 2022.

🧑‍🎓 Academic Research#

In the first half of the year, I worked on a paper about differential privacy with my senior. It was his first paper after changing research directions, and it was also my first paper. We both made some significant mistakes, which ultimately led to my senior giving up on it the day before the Infocomm deadline. It's a pity.

In the second half of the year, based on my previous literature review and my understanding of the research progress in this field, I tried to come up with my own topic. I have to say that doing research quietly really tests a person's perseverance. At the beginning, I was full of hope, but as the theory and experiments became clearer, the problems that needed to be understood or proven became like bubbles in a soda, floating to the surface one by one. But the holes I dug, I have to fill them myself no matter what.

In November, I moved from the fifth floor of the computer building to my advisor's office on the third floor. Usually, I'm the only one in this room, and occasionally the senior will come.


💻 Digital Equipment#

I didn't spend much money this year. The only major digital item I updated was the iPad Pro 2021 12.9. After purchasing it, I successfully sold my old iPad Pro 2018 through the SEU second-hand group, so I didn't spend much money in reality.

The new iPad has excellent screen quality, with top-notch color gamut, color accuracy, brightness, and contrast among similar products. It also has a 120Hz high refresh rate. Sometimes, just looking at the screen makes me feel comfortable. The M1 chip it's equipped with also performs well. It feels smoother in daily use compared to my MacBook Pro 2018 13-inch. To make the most of this chip, I also spent money to purchase and download LumaFusion, a famous video editing software on the iPad. The few editing operations I know can run smoothly on the iPad, and the final export is also fast. I used the iPad to complete the editing, exporting, and uploading of a video.

The Road from the Laboratory to the Dormitory_Bilibili

I originally planned to make the following video on the iPad, but because I needed to use transparent Skadi animation materials for the progress bar, the transparent materials became opaque in LumaFusion. So, in the end, I used my desktop computer with Pr to produce it.

Arknights 3.5th Anniversary Limited Pool 300 Draws_Real-time Popular Mobile Game Videos

In addition, in March of this year, I bought AirPods 3 to replace my old AirPods.

  • I have been using my MBP for four and a half years. Although I have always been longing for the new M1 Pro 14-inch MBP, I ultimately didn't have the courage to buy it (it's too expensive). Maybe I should consider a lightweight Windows laptop for my next one. It would be great if I could get one from my advisor.
  • I ordered the new AirPods Pro in October, but after being told by LXC that it was an impulsive purchase, I decided to get a refund because I had only used my new headphones for less than half a year.
  • My Apple Watch S5, which I have been using for three years, is still going strong. I hope to update to a new Watch in 2023 at my own expense because the Watch has brought about significant changes in my physical health. Although it may be just attributing my own efforts to the Watch.

Although I am still using the Apple ecosystem, I am a bit tired of the superiority of some Apple products. People should not be bound by the ecosystem.

💪 Physical Health#

There is no doubt that my physical condition has improved this year. In the first half of the year, from March to June, in less than three months, I insisted on jumping rope and fast walking for half an hour every night. My weight successfully dropped from 65 kg to 57 kg, and my waist circumference decreased by one size. LXC felt itchy when he saw it. When we first arrived at SEU, we were both overweight. Seeing that I became thinner and he became fatter made him uncomfortable. He even jokingly called me a "traitor to the fat otaku class." Since then, there has been a class contradiction between us. However, in the second half of the year, due to the gradually colder weather, I didn't persist in exercising, and my weight went back to 59 kg.


Against the backdrop of Covid, I have been staying in the dormitory/home this year without any additional outings, and I have never been quarantined due to close contact/positive cases. After the national epidemic prevention policy gradually relaxed, I finally contracted the new coronavirus🦠 in the last ten days of December. Fortunately, the strain I was infected with was relatively weak, and it showed mercy to me. I only had a fever for less than two days and gradually recovered. Although I feel that my respiratory system is not very strong and I occasionally cough without any illness, fortunately, the virus did not take advantage of my weak points, allowing me to breathe fresh air smoothly. Now that the epidemic prevention policy has been relaxed, I can only rely on my own immune system to resist the invasion of various mutated strains🧬.

💗 Emotional Life#

The biggest gain in 2022 is meeting ZY. She was my classmate in the first year of high school, and we haven't seen each other for nearly 9 years. However, she hasn't changed much over the years. Sometimes she is gentle, sometimes she is lively and cute. On May 15th of this year, she added me on WeChat, and at the end of October, she confessed to me. At that time, I was a bit surprised and didn't know what to do because I was used to being alone. I had never thought that someone would consider me so important, and I rarely imagined what a life with two people would be like. Regardless, it is a very happy thing for me that someone likes me. I remember in the happy and short time in the first year of high school, I did have some feelings for her, and now my heartstrings have been touched. I really don't want to miss her again.

Before I left school and went home in December, I secretly went to Hangzhou to see her for two days, which can be considered as the process of our online relationship becoming real. The result is: we are together now, she is my girlfriend~



😃 Other Wonderful Memories#

🎬 Favorite Anime#

  • Spy Family

Spy Family

Spy Family

  • Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil

🎵 Favorite Three Songs#

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